Brass and Zinc Foil Stamping type

  USED for blind or foil stamping via a foil press or a hand lettering pallet.  This selection of types is from a large quantity I purchased from St. Teresa's Press, a Carmelite monastery in New Jersey, and is excess to my needs. Most of it is European in origin and may not match up with the American point system (sizes given below are in US points) which I have never had a problem with as it isn't typically used in forms like regular type but set in a line or two for titles or heads.

Why use brass or zinc instead of foundry type? Well anyone who's used foundry (or worse mono) type with high heat and pressure knows you just throw it in the hell bucket when you're done. Assuming it still looks like the face you started with, there's no way it'll ever print in a regular form as it's probably not type high anymore or looks like the same face but bold. 

Unless you've got your own casting set up or gobs of surplus type and money a font in brass or zinc will last a lifetime(s) of use with a single wise investment if you're serious about your pursuits in the book arts.


24 pt. sans zinc type

24 pt. sans zinc type  $150.00 

28 pt. sans brass type

28 pt. sans brass type  $80.00   ~ SOLD

32 pt. roman brass type

32 pt. roman brass type  $175.00   ~ SOLD

24 pt. sans brass type

24 pt. sans brass type  $150.00 

32 pt. roman brass type

32 pt. roman brass type $100.00  ~   SOLD

40 pt. roman brass type

40 pt. roman brass type (matches 32 pt. above) $150.00   ~   SOLD

I accept checks and money orders and also take payment through Paypal for credit card purchases.

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