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~  Chad is featured in the 2014 PBS television series
A Craftsman's Legacy, episode 11, The Book Maker.
Now available to stream online for free

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The Hunter Gracchus    by Franz Kafka

EW book in the works here at Deep Wood Press featuring a freshly commissioned literary translation by Jamie Searle Romanelli. I am busy working on the five intaglio prints for the book along with various page layouts created with some recently acquired matrices for casting the type in Weiss. This book will, hopefully, debut this fall at the Fine Press Book Association fair in Oxford, England. More updates to come soon!

Shown here is the prototype that was first presented in February during the 2015 CODEX International Book Fair & Symposium in Berkeley, CA.

And, of course, it is trout season.

Engraving and mezzotint page illustration and prototype title page.

Some of the current work available ~ click on any image for more information


 ~  2015

New and recent Books: (click title to see details)

  • The Mad Angler Poems, by Michael Delp with 5 hand colored wood engravings by Chad Pastotnik. A collection of  24 poems that examine our impact on the water and the natural world we were spawned from with humor and deadly truths. Printed in 2 colors on Magnani Revere Book in an edition of 71 books 10 of which make a special edition. 
  • Saturnalia, by H.P. Lovecraft with an original calligraph by Chad Pastotnik. Printed on Hahnemühle Schiller white paper. A lovely early poem celebrating the festival of Saturn traditionally occurring around December 15th.
  • The Mad Angler's Manifesto, by Michael Delp with a 7 color linocut reduction print by Chad Pastotnik. Printed on 175gsm Somerset Book Softwhite paper, sheet size 18 5/8 x 26 inches. Two separate editions of 50 and 36, signed and numbered by the author and artist.
  • If, (broadside) by Rudyard Kipling with a wood engraving by Chad Pastotnik. Printed on Domestic Etch off-white paper, sheet size 10 x 16" Limited edition of 55 signed and numbered copies.
  • The Path, by Sigrid Christiansen with 4 multi-color linoleum cuts by Chad Pastotnik. Printed on Hahnemühle Schiller white paper. A lovely small book form born from a song heard around a campfire.
  • The Trout in Winter, (broadside) by Jerry Dennis with a copper engraving by Glenn Wolff. Printed on handmade Somerset Textured off-white paper, sheet size 22.5 x 15.25" Limited edition of 65
  • The Intruder, by Robert Traver (John Voelker). With gorgeous wood engravings by Jim Westergard, a foreword by Richard F. Vander Veen and printed in 5 colors on Hahnemühle Schiller paper. The regular edition is now available.
  • Killing the Bear, by Judith Minty. Minty’s deeply felt, archetypal tale of confronting wild nature and self, Killing the Bear has never before been published on its own. With a foreword by Anne-Marie Oomen and wood engravings by Glenn Wolff.
  • There Be Monsters, by Chad Pastotnik. A little fable about how to walk in the woods. While my little story is short and sweet it does have an interesting plot twist. Featuring a six color linoleum cut and hand color work on that and a wood engraving also by Chad Pastotnik.
  • The Changeling's Exile, by Gerard Wozek. A long poem of an anguished soul lamenting his unfortunate switch at birth by the faerie folk. Accompanied with a copper engraving by Chad Pastotnik.
  • The Frogs Who Wished A King, Aesop's, versified by Mrs. Clara Doty Bates (1873). A childrens book, of sorts, with five intaglio prints by Chad Pastotnik. 
  • Heart of Darkness, by Joseph Conrad. A new edition heavily illustrated by Marc Castelli in a large format (9x12" page) and printed in 3 colors on Hahnemühle Biblio paper. Designed and produced for the Chester River Press and printed here at DWP.

                      Recent and upcoming events:


February 8th-11th - CODEX International Book Fair & Symposium. Chad & his Deep Wood Press will attend and show the books at this premier world's fair of fine press editions and artists books.  Come visit table 112 for some lovely books and company. The Craneway Pavilion, 1414 Harbour Way South, Richmond CA (Berkeley)

February 12th-15th
- Seattle & Tacoma, WA. Lectures and workshop "Color Reduction and Multi-Block Printing" for the Seattle Book Arts Guild, more information about the events here. Lectures are Feb. 12th at 7pm at the University of Washington Allen Library and on Feb. 13th at Pacific Lutheran University at 4pm. The workshop is Feb 14th & 15th and is hosted by Pacific Lutheran in their letterpress studio.

March 8th-11th
- National Print Museum, Dublin, Ireland
Exquisite Editions, An International Exhibition of Finely Printed Books” International invitational exhibit of 25 fine press printers. 3/4 - 4/15

June 1st - A small talk at my local Bellaire Public Library here in Bellaire, MI at 2:00pm followed by a studio tour here at DWP. You must sign up for the studio tour at the library in advance.

Scheduled for a 2015 release - Stream Journal issue No. 1. An annual collection of poetry, prose and original printwork culled from contemporary writers and artists. More details to come soon.

National Print Museum exhibit, Dublin, Ireland

Exquisite Editions exhibit, Ireland

The Mad Angler's Manifesto

The Mad Angler's Manifesto broadside by Michael Delp
7 color reduction lino cut by Chad Pastotnik
18 5/8x26"  -  edition of 50
The Mad Angler Poems           

The Mad Angler Poems by Michael Delp
24 new poems accompanied with
5 wood engravings by Chad Pastotnik

Kind words for Heart of Darkness:

"It is a splendid presentation and I have enjoyed it greatly. The presswork is exemplary as is the design. Marc Castelli's drawings are, frankly, masterful. All in all a mighty fine book. I salute you and your team on a superior project."                             
Barry Moser

"What makes the design of the Chester River Press edition such a successful and superior book is its unpretentiousness and its typographic willingness to facilitate an uninhibited read of Conrad's visceral, morally ambiguous tale. The spartan yet subtly flexible architecture of the 100 meticulously crafted page-spreads offers a reading experience that is quietly contemplative and sublime yet is still imbued with a high level of gravitas. ...

"The text blocks provide a structural foundation out of which Mr. Castelli's sepia-rendered etchings emerge as unflinchingly objective, visually candid portrayals of this tale's most seminal moments. They interrupt the flow of the narrative just enough to afford the reader crucial opportunities to contemplate the themes that Conrad has woven into this novella."
review - Parenthesis #19

ForeWord Magazine blurb

Nice little blurb from the Sept/Oct 2011 issue of ForeWord Reviews magazine. Click here to see the full story.

Apprentice Position

  • 5/15: The apprenticeship is filled for this fall 2015/16 but DWP is now taking applications for next years apprentice position. It will be listed on Briar Press, the CBAA, the Book Arts Classified and the usual listserves. This position will be available for next Fall/Winter 2016/17.

Ernest Hemmingway's "Along with Youth

Above: Type set on a curve with circular quads to produce the title for Ernest Hemmingway's Along With Youth. Wood Engraving by Jim Horton.

Below: Printing the center throw-out for Conrad's Heart of Darkness on a Kelly 2 press at Seely's Printing Service in Charlevoix, MI. The sheet is 35.5x12", a little too big for any current press in possesion at DWP. That's Dale from Seely's running the beast and Chad at the delivery end.

In addition to producing fine books and broadsides there are plenty of prints by Chad Pastotnik that will be coming to the site soon.

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